Reana Malori is at the #Crossroads with Tangled Lies - Reana Malori

Reana Malori is at the #Crossroads with Tangled Lies

What’s Done in the Dark, Will Always Come to Light…

For Tristan Lucarelli, life hadn’t been easy after his parents were killed. His uncle took him into his home to raise him as a favored son, while also teaching him the ways of La Cosa Nostra. He grew up in a world filled with luxury and indulgence, where his every need was handled before his mouth could form the words. But after constantly battling his cousin regarding his rightful place in the family, the lighthearted little boy became a grown-up version of the Boogie Man, instilling fear into the hearts of men who were too afraid to say his name. Tristan knew whatever he desired was his for the taking and reveled in the power his last name afforded him. Then he met HER. That one moment changed him, created a need in him that would not be denied. Camille was meant to be by his side, and no one would get in his way or take her from him. He’d destroy this entire city to protect the woman he loved. Camille Sperry could never be described as average. Hellbent on creating her own path in the world, she didn’t apologize for who she was, or how she lived her life. Routinely underestimated because of her beauty, she never failed to come out swinging when needed. Both literally and figuratively. Encouraged and supported by her parents, she never let anyone dictate how her life should be lived. She built wood furniture for a living, was more comfortable wearing jeans and work boots, and had a five-foot gun case in her home office. Living her dream had never felt so right. Then Tristan walked into her life, turning her world upside down. Forcing her to question everything she thought she knew. Tristan showed her how good things between them could be if she followed his lead. He also introduced her to a world of danger, backstabbing family members, and never knowing who you could trust. With lies and deceit around every corner, Tristan must protect the woman he loves from the dangers of his world. If they were afraid of the Boogie Man before, they haven’t seen anything yet. SETTING: Northern Virginia & Washington, DC CHARACTERS: Tristan Lucarelli – A man who lives life on his terms. Slow to anger, but deadly in his response. Willing to sacrifice his soul for the family. When he meets Camille, he discovers just what it means to finally be complete.

Camille Sperry – No nonsense type of woman who’s comfortable in jeans and boots, as well as an evening gown and heels. She never thought Prince Charming was real, and happily-ever-after was meant for other people. When Tristan came into her life, all bets were off.

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