Rumor Control by Taisha Demay

Rumor Control
Rumor Control

Wounded in action, the only thing former Navy Seal turned security expert Archer Lincoln wants is to be left alone. But when he finds himself the focus of the tabloids and gossip columns, he has no choice but to go to the enemy for help. Ambitious New York Beat reporter Trinity Black wants to move to the news desk. She knows it’s where she belongs, even if nobody else thinks so. But the only way to do that is to snag the story of a lifetime. When she is approached by Archer for help rehabbing his public image, she is reluctant to help. After all, she isn’t exactly his favorite person. Especially not after an article previously written about him by her. But knows this is the one thing she needs that will propel her to where she wants to be, so Trinity agrees. But as time passes and she gets to know him, Trinity realizes he isn’t the man she and everyone believe he is. And as Archer gets to know her, he too realizes he’s been wrong about her. Can these two stop fighting long enough to fall in love, or will their plans blow up in both their faces? Purchase Links: Amazon Ebook | Amazon Paperback ====================================================================== About the Author

Author Taisha Demay is a New York native, but resides in North Carolina. Is the author of Taste of Intrigue: Food Fight Mysteries, Lady Guardians: Black Money (Mystic Belles) and the newly released, Rumor Control: The Men of Sentinel Security. Not content with strictly writing in the non-fiction arena, she began expanding her portfolio by becoming a Blogger and Reviewer. An independent author, she has started her own company, NewYorkCityGirl,LLC and working on her fourth release. A passionate author who brings a wide variety of characters to life of page after page of pulse-pounding stories from the city that never sleeps and beyond. A Blogger and Reviewer, she is also, a member of the Erotic Authors Guild, Erotic Readers and Writers Association, and the Society of Children’s Writer’s and Illustrators.

LLC 675 West Wisconsin Ave,
Southern Pines,
NC 28387


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