Have you seen the new cover for Crossroads!? - Reana Malori

Have you seen the new cover for Crossroads!?


Isn’t it gorgeous?


Crossroads is now available for

pre-order on Amazon

✨✨✨✨21 bestselling and award-winning authors as they bring you action, adventure and drama in these 20 multi-genre stories that will keep you entertained even after you finish the books.✨✨✨✨ ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Blurb – Tangled Lies by Reana Malori For Tristan Lucarelli, his life was irrevocably altered the moment his parents were killed. Under the tutelage of his favorite uncle, he was welcomed into a world of violence, death, power, and loyalty to the family above anything else. Now a man to be reckoned with, no one dared get in his way without paying the price. Camille Sperry could never be described as an average woman. Hellbent on creating her own path in the world, she didn’t apologize for who she was, or how she lived her life. Often misunderstood and underestimated, her no-holds-barred approach allowed her to create a life well-lived. She was happy and fulfilled. Or so she thought. From the outside looking in, Tristan and Camille don’t belong together. They don’t fit. Their lives are too different. The challenge of trying to make a relationship work would be too difficult. Then again, Tristan and Camille have never played by the rules. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ AMAZON PRE-ORDER LINK


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