A Country Temptation: A BWWM Western Romance Limited Edition Collection

Reana Malori - A Country Temptation - A BWWM Western Romance Limited Edition Collection

A Country Temptation is a limited edition of BWWM western romances that will rope you in and never let you go. Come ride away with these sexy cowboys. The stories in this compilation are swoon-worthy reads that will leave your heart thumping. This collection of tales has something for everyone, from sweet and sassy, to […]

Blinded by Love (The Love Vixen Book 10)

Blinded by Love

Dear Love Vixen, I don’t know what to do and I need your help! My best friend died one year ago. Since then I’ve been helping her husband with their five-year-old daughter. I didn’t mean for it to happen but, I’ve fallen in love with my best friend’s husband. I’m so torn. Do women have […]

Shame the Devil (A Very Alpha Christmas Season 2 Book 16)

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. Sometimes the bad guy can become the savior. Jocelyn – Momma always said if I laid down with dogs, I’d get up with fleas. I was too stubborn to listen and now I’m in a situation I can’t escape. I’ve seen too much. I know too much. Even now, […]

Secret Devotion

A love so pure, it’s lasted more than twenty years. Tanner Scott and Chantell Warren fought to keep their love alive, even while hiding their relationship from the world around them. The love they felt for each other grew into something undeniable, even if no one else knew. After so many secrets and lies, their […]

Raven’s Crown

Raven’s Crown was written by USA Today Bestselling Author Reana MaloriHe’ll follow her across an ocean to claim her as his own. DexterShe ran from me. Not just to her home across town, but to another country. She swore she loved me with every word, every kiss, every time I took her to heaven with our bodies. […]

Decadent Delights: A Collection of Steamy Tales

Within the pages of this set, you’ll find five stories that are near and dear to me. These are some of my shorter stories, ones that were in boxed sets, or have been unpublished for a while. There are a couple stories that may be familiar to you but have been tweaked and adjusted for […]


Reana Malori - Absolution

Absolution was written by USA Today Bestselling Author Reana Malori. . . JulianSaving lives is his calling, or so he thought. When doing what he loves turns into his greatest fear, the lines between black and white turn gray. A little boy who needs to be saved, and a beautiful mother he can’t stay away from, bring […]

Lunchtime Chronicles: Blackberry Pie

Reana Malori - Lunchtime Chronicles - Blackberry Pie

Lunchtime Chronicles: Blackberry Pie was written by USA Today Bestselling Author Reana MaloriThe Blacker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice…Logan – He never imagined one woman could taste so sweet. Women flock to him like moths to a flame. He enjoys having them in his bed, and then sending them on their way. When the beautiful, […]

Broken Angel (Angel Hearts Book 2)

Reana Malori - Broken Angel (Angel Hearts Book 2)

Broken Angel was written by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Reana MaloriShe was an angel. . . craving chaos. He was a demon. . . seeking peace. When Nico Mitchell met Lavinia Ross, it was annoyance-at-first-sight. She pushed his buttons, created chaos in her wake, and made him fall in love with the very essence of her soul. He’d […]

Lunchtime Chronicles: Red Light Special

Reana Malori - Lunchtime Chronicles - Red Light Special

Lunchtime Chronicles: Red Light Special was written by USA Today Bestselling Author Reana MaloriFrom the moment they met, Bobby Cooke and Mercy Webster have wanted to be more than friends, if you could even call them that. A weekend mix-up, that seems more like a setup, brings them to a point of no return. Bobby […]