Workout Partners - Reana Malori

Workout Partners

Reana Malori - Workout Partners

Michelle Simmons needed a break. A dedicated neonatal nurse on the verge of a breakdown, it was time for her to take a step back from her normal life and find her joy again. Joining a local gym was the perfect solution, but it gave her something she never expected. Meeting Luke Anderson, the owner of her gym, was a blessing and curse all in one. The sexy as sin gym owner / personal trainer was unlike any man she’d known before. As she finds her balance in life, Luke becomes the focus of her days and nights. Little does Michelle know that Luke feels the exact same way about her. As soon as she walked in through the door of his gym, he knew she was the one for him. Her stubborn nature drew him in closer, and her sweet smile made him want to take her to his bed and never let her go. One unforgettable night in a hot tub will show these two what having a workout partner really means.


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