Stay With Me - Reana Malori

Stay With Me

Reana Malori - Stay With Me

What’s meant to be will always find a way. ~Unknown

The military can teach you mental toughness, but not the ways to change your heart’s true desire. Keisha Gaines and Greg Jordan didn’t know that meeting five years ago would lead to a lasting friendship. Close friendships are amazing until one person develops deeper feelings than the other. This is the dilemma Keisha finds herself struggling to handle. After five years of being nothing more than Greg’s best friend, and wanting so much more, Keisha decides to move on with her life. She knows leaving Greg behind will allow her heart to heal. Accustomed to living the bachelor life and not settling down with one woman, Greg realizes that he may lose out on the one woman who has been there for him the entire time. His best friend. Keisha’s newly found need for space from him has given him an unexpected wake-up call. Greg does everything in his power to keep Keisha by his side and prove his love for her. But is he too late?


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