Spellbound - Reana Malori


Reana Malori - Spellbound

True love is its own destiny. Magic. Voodoo. Witches. Theresa Davis doesn’t believe in any of it. If she couldn’t see it, touch it, or talk to it, then it wasn’t something she believed in. She was a realist. And she didn’t believe in true love. Not anymore. The day she receives a special gift from an old woman on Bourbon Street, her life is sent down a path she never expected. Is she willing to risk it all and tempt fate for a chance at real love?Levi Holden was in New Orleans to have fun and enjoy his long weekend. He’d been through the heartache of a horrible divorce and was done with relationships. Raising his daughter was all that mattered to him. And spending time wrapped within the arms of Theresa Davis. An unexpected encounter with a woman in a local shop makes Levi begin to question his every decision. Has he been hiding from the truth this entire time, afraid to claim the one woman he needs more than anything?



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