Salvation: The Italian's Story - Reana Malori

Salvation: The Italian’s Story

Reana Malori - Salvation The Italian's Story

Arturo Sabatino was happy with his life as a bachelor and had no plans to settle down. However, from the day Sydney Clark walked through the front door of his restaurant, he knew his life would never be the same again. She challenged him, pushed his buttons, and with every interaction, his desire for her increased. Sydney Clark was ready to live life on her terms, which means taking a chance and doing something just for herself. Working for Arturo Sabatino was the opportunity of a lifetime and she wouldn’t waste this opportunity. If only she could stop lusting after her sexy boss and focus on her job. Especially since that same boss didn’t seem to want her around, even if his every action begged her to stay. Arturo was a man who usually got what he wanted and from the moment he laid eyes on Sydney, he wanted her. Sydney may not be ready to accept what he had to offer, but Arturo had no doubt they belonged together. She was his and he was determined to prove it to her.


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