Ruthless Bachelor (Bachelor Tower Series)

Reana Malori - Ruthless Bachelor (Bachelor Tower Series)

People say I don’t have a heart…or a soul. That I’m not capable of caring about anyone but myself. They’re wrong. I love my family, even my troublemaker little brother. Women? Meh, not so much. I learned the hard way to never confuse my heart with my dic… well, you get it.

I have the perfect life. I answer to no one and everything I do is on my terms. Nothing gets in the way of what I want, and yes, that includes women. I’ve had countless attractive women in my bed, for a night, but never more than that.

Heads up ladies, I have very special skills that women crave, but I’m a one and done with you kinda guy. Don’t give me your number. I won’t be calling you. Names are optional. I’ll probably forget it anyway. I’m not a complete ass about it, I always make sure to have a car waiting in the morning.

And then Anya walks into my neat, compartmentalized life and now the jokes on me. One taste of her and I want more. Need more. Crave more. Does Anya really believe that she can deny me? Hasn’t anyone told her that I play dirty? I’m not going anywhere because I know I have what she can’t resist. One problem, she seems to hold the same power over me. My name is Hunter but I might just have become the prey.


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