Queen of Spades (The Player's Club Book 1) - Reana Malori

Queen of Spades (The Player’s Club Book 1)

Reana Malori - Queen of Spades (The Player's Club Book 1)

TERRA – Nothing about this life is simple. Buy a casino on the Gulf Coast. No problem. Come face to face with my childhood sweetheart who’d left me behind. All hell breaks loose. He’s here because my father sent him to help me find the person trying to sabotage my business. When I look at Damian, I see the life that might have been. The boy who became a man still holds my heart in his hands. My soul aches to be with him, but there’s something I need to do first. Someone I need to find. I won’t rest until I do. But when the time is right, I’m getting my man back and I’m never going to let him go. He’s the light to my dark and I need him to make me whole again.  DAMIAN – Twenty years ago she stood on the sidewalk, her face covered in tears, bottom lip trembling, watching my family’s car drive away. Terra Dupree. I’d fallen in love with the girl next door and then she wasn’t next door. Instead, she was . . . miles away. Now fate has placed me beside her again. I won’t miss this chance to make my intentions clear. But someone has it out for my woman and her friends. I have to find a way to fix that. For her, I’ll fix anything. To have her by my side is the only thing that matters. She’s the light to my dark and I need her to make me whole again.   *Contemporary Romance | BWWM Interracial | Novella | HEA*


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