Flawless (F'd Up Fairy Tales) - Reana Malori

Flawless (F’d Up Fairy Tales)

Reana Malori - Flawless (F'd Up Fairy Tales)

Darkness has never looked so beautiful. Jaidon Swanson was not the person everyone thought he was. Over half of his face and body has been scarred since he was a young child. Passed around the foster care system, he’d been rejected, belittled, cast aside and bullied for as long he could remember. Just as he began to turn inward to the darkness trying to claim him, his life changed. He met HER and he would never be the same. Kenya Norris had loved Jaidon from the first moment she stood in front of him as a protective shield. She never cared about his scars and accepted him no matter how he appeared. Leaving him behind to attend college almost broke her. She never forgave herself for keeping her feelings a secret. Twelve years later, these two star-crossed lovers find each other again. But everything is not as it seems. Kenya has a secret—something she fears would make Jaidon turn away from her. Jaidon has shrouded his own terrible truths behind layers of shadow and lies. Once the truth is out, will it be the swansong of their budding relationship?



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