Dark Angel (Angel Hearts Book 1) - Reana Malori

Dark Angel (Angel Hearts Book 1)

Reana Malori - Dark Angel (Angel Hearts Book 1)

Her beauty is the reason he wants her. His darkness is why she stays. Maxwell Bishop was the man with a plan, and nothing—and no one—would get in the way of what he wanted. Until the day Kiana Moore walked into his life. Her beauty made him pause. Her kindness made him want to claim her. She was supposed to be off-limits. He was supposed to respect boundaries. Pursuing her could bring his perfect world crumbling down around him. In the end, none of that mattered. He wanted her, and he would do whatever it took to have her. To keep her sanity, and her job, Kiana Moore needed to stay away from Maxwell Bishop. No matter how much she tried to deny her desire for him, she couldn’t get him out of her mind. His lips beckoned her closer, teasing her with his sinful smile. His deep voice seduced her with every word he spoke. She had to resist him, even if it was the last thing she wanted to do. Her livelihood was at risk. Her reputation could be ruined. Then again, none of that mattered. Maxwell wanted her, and she knew he wouldn’t stop until she was his. When need and desire can no longer be denied, just how far will he go to claim his woman? Maxwell always gets what he wants. He’ll let nothing get in the way of convincing Kiana they belong together.



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