Conall (Irish Sugar) - Reana Malori

Conall (Irish Sugar)

Reana Malori - Conall (Irish Sugar)

CONALL -I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing hiding in plain sight. My dual nature allows me to walk in two worlds. I take every opportunity to play on the dark side. The world is my stage and the people my prey. Always on the hunt, I’m the one you don’t expect until it’s too late, and my 9mm is at your temple. Darkness claims my soul, and has molded me into who I am. But to my brothers I am whole, even human and that’s all that matters. Call me Conall O’Shea, the damaged, cold, and ruthless killer. TATIANA -Protecting my brother is the only thing that matters. Even if that means walking toward danger instead of running away from it. Conall is the only one who can help me save my brother, even if that puts me in his line of sight. He doesn’t scare me. Well, not that I would admit anyway. More than anything, he fascinates me. His polished exterior and the beast underneath just waiting to be unleashed. Something about the darkness inside of him calls out to me. I just hope I can handle all that he is without losing myself in the process.


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